Uber Now Offers Ride- Scheduling

uber2Uber has gained popularity over the years as they offer ride services while helping private car owners. Their service is known to be on- demand for the people to have a ride anytime, anywhere. They have successfully provided an innovation for its customers as well as drivers.

A recent development from the company has been causing a bit of a stir from its competitors as well as customers. In contrary to their initial on- demand service, Uber is now offering its customer the advanced booking of their rides.

uber3With their new campaign, riders can now schedule a ride at least 30 minutes before your trip up to 30 days. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s Chief Executive Officer, once said that their customers are asking if reservations are available. He answered that Uber is just like a shower, “You don’t have to think about scheduling time with your shower, you just turn the faucet and it works,” and that is their vision for Uber.

However, this change of heart from Uber is known to be brought about by their customer’s request of having the reassurance that their ride will indeed arrive especially when they need it the most. Few months ago, Uber’s competitor, Lyft, has launched their own ride- scheduling campaign and it greatly increased their sales. To compete in the travel market, Uber also released their own ride- scheduling campaign last week.

Uber first released their campaign in Seattle and planning to roll out their campaign to other cities in the next few months. Tom Fallows, Global Experiences Group Leader of Uber, said “Scheduled rides have been a top requested feature at Uber since the very early days, even though we’re an on-demand company, we totally get it. Sometimes you want that extra reassurance.”

uber1The company also emphasized that their on- demand car services are still available and customers can still hail for a ride and expect it to arrive within minutes but this addition is for the improvement of their services. They are also hoping that their campaign will be received by its customers in a positive manner as their utmost mission is to provide quality services both for the customers and their riders.