uber2Uber has gained popularity over the years as they offer ride services while helping private car owners. Their service is known to be on- demand for the people to have a ride anytime, anywhere. They have successfully provided an innovation for its customers as well as drivers.

A recent development from the company has been causing a bit of a stir from its competitors as well as customers. In contrary to their initial on- demand service, Uber is now offering its customer the advanced booking of their rides.

uber3With their new campaign, riders can now schedule a ride at least 30 minutes before your trip up to 30 days. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s Chief Executive Officer, once said that their customers are asking if reservations are available. He answered that Uber is just like a shower, “You don’t have to think about scheduling time with your shower, you just turn the faucet and it works,” and that is their vision for Uber.

However, this change of heart from Uber is known to be brought about by their customer’s request of having the reassurance that their ride will indeed arrive especially when they need it the most. Few months ago, Uber’s competitor, Lyft, has launched their own ride- scheduling campaign and it greatly increased their sales. To compete in the travel market, Uber also released their own ride- scheduling campaign last week.

Uber first released their campaign in Seattle and planning to roll out their campaign to other cities in the next few months. Tom Fallows, Global Experiences Group Leader of Uber, said “Scheduled rides have been a top requested feature at Uber since the very early days, even though we’re an on-demand company, we totally get it. Sometimes you want that extra reassurance.”

uber1The company also emphasized that their on- demand car services are still available and customers can still hail for a ride and expect it to arrive within minutes but this addition is for the improvement of their services. They are also hoping that their campaign will be received by its customers in a positive manner as their utmost mission is to provide quality services both for the customers and their riders.


With the recent incidents of a gorilla named Harambe and two lions being killed due to human negligence, another shocking and gruesome crime has been discovered in “Tiger Temple,” in Kanchanaburi Province, west of Bangkok.

The authorities have found 40 dead tiger cubs, together with a deer’s antler, a body of a Southeast Asian bearcat and a cowhorn, all being kept inside a freezer.

The famous temple has been receiving complaints and warnings both from the tourists and the government due to reports that some of the tourists were being attacked by the tigers during a walk with them. Walking and posing for a picture with the tigers are part of the attraction in the Tiger Temple. However, several reports have surfaced stating that the tigers attacked the tourists because they, themselves, are being mistreated by their keepers.

The incident is now being investigated by the Wildlife Conservation Office and they are trying to figure out the motives behind storing of the dead bodies of tiger cubs. They are also not ruling out the possibility that the keepers might be involved in the smuggling of the carcasses.

WCO’s director Teunjai Noochdumrong also said that the tiger cubs’ bodies are one of the strongest evidence that the temple didn’t adhere to their agreement of informing them whenever there are newborn cubs inside the facility. They also suggest the idea of taking the license of the temple to keep animals inside their compound. As of the moment, they are studying the option of filing a legal suit against the management of the temple.

Following the discovery of the dead cubs, the WCO leads the efforts of retrieving the tigers being kept in the temple. However, on the day of the tiger rescue they found that some of the tigers were out of their cages and roaming around the park. The rescuers believe that the keepers did it on purpose to delay the rescuing of the tigers. Fortunately, the staff were able to rescue 52 tigers out of 137 being housed in the temple.

WCO also said that the rescue of the tigers should have been carried out a long time ago and Yowalak Thiarachow, Country Director, WWF-Thailand encourages the Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to permanently take the custody of the tigers from the temple. Also, other facilities should also be investigated to make sure that they are not involved in any wildlife trafficking and maltreatment of the animals.

The management of the tiger temple said that they are going to follow the rules of relocating the tigers but they reiterated that this will have negative on their tourism.

The increase in social media networks and blogging platforms that allow one to open a personally customized liesswebsite have led to many people opening personal websites and owning domain names. While this is an achievement to be celebrated, some people, unfortunately, are using these sites and their right of expression to distribute fake news and spread rumors. This increase in such sites can be related to the people’s desire to attract traffic to their sites and benefit from it. What start as satire can be fun as long as the people reading it recognize it that way, but if it is misinterpreted, it can lead to extensive damage. It is funny how a lie can quickly spread over social media through the sharing icon and reach a huge number of people within a very short period.


fake news website

Many sites are always spreading hoax stories. Some tell fake stories about celebrities, others take true stories but add more salt to the injury hence creating a whole new meaning while others focus on making fun of the trending news. While it may not be easy to track and list all websites that spread gossip, the following tips can help you distinguish those sites;


  1. The story should always match the image or the video in the story if not then that is a fake site, and you should believe anything you read there.
  2. Check if the story can be found in other major news outlets and if not then you know.
  3. If you follow up on the source of the news, it is unclear leaving you with doubts.
  4. Looking at other stories on that website are also fake and without basis
  5. Having definite date predicting the end of the world, this is so fake since no one knows the time or the hour.
  6. Talks of the discovery of something for instance medication that reputable research site have no information about.
  7. The “About Us” page for these pages is filled with fluff and not definite about what they offer.
  8. Fake stories tend to be more interesting to keep you glued on reading them and also prompt you into sharing them in your network. This way the stories quickly spread far and wide.
  9. In most cases these stories also feature a poll that is usually tampered with or didn’t happen at all.
  10. Some of these websites impersonate favorite news sites, but if you look at their addresses, they have old domain names.
  11. It is common for the fake stories to mess with your feeling and emotions, after reading, you either get too happy or angry
  12. Old stories doing rounds on the net through sharing option. If you can trace back the story and their originality, you will realize that it, in fact, has been doing rounds on the web for quite a long time.

Some stories are easy to detect as fake while others are hard to, but with the above tips, you can quickly know when the story is a hoax. Before rushing to share any piece of news you get online, try determining its genuineness. Remember it might be funny to you but can change another person’s life.

Bishop Edward Egan named Archbishop of New York: a Weston confirmation ceremony provides a preview

bishopNewly appointed to be Archbishop of the New York diocese, the now-former Bishop of the Bridgeport diocese gave a preview of his upcoming tenure at a confirmation ceremony held recently at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Weston.  The tall and energetic figure entered the sanctuary in full ceremonial regalia, and began with a profoundly deep and booming voice the Catholic rite of confirmation for more than two dozen teen and adult local residents and their attending families and friends.  It was to be one of his final official visits in his local role.

In his remarks to the confirmants and the assembled, the then-Bishop of Bridgeport offered a number of insights into his outlook for his pending tenure in New York:

  • He recalled an interdenominational visit of clergy to the Pearl Harbor memorial in the early 90’s, and drew attention to the story of Alousius Schmidt, a Protestant chaplain aboard the battleship Oklahoma who sacrificed his life to help sixteen sailors escape the sinking ship, and the story of a Jewish sailor who had been saved similarly.  His ability to weave all faiths into the tapestry of his ministry will be very important in the very diverse culture of New York.
  • He cited numerous statistics throughout his remarks, both in regards to the size and accomplishments of the Bridgeport diocese and in his stories, citing the exact number of tombstones in the gravesite at Pearl Harbor, the exact number of planes attacking, the exact number of ships and lives lost.  In addition to being a motivating speaker, Bishop Egan is clearly also one who keeps close track of details.
  • He urged the young confirmants to turn aside from drug and alcohol abuse, emphasizing the need for young people to make positive commitments, and for parents to help their children stand behind those commitments.  He also made prominent use of a young priest during the ceremony.  Both points would seem to emphasize his desire to draw young people into the Catholic church and into its ministry.  
  • While making sure to mention some of the more conservative points of Catholic doctrine in his remarks, he did not emphasize them, nor politicize them.  His intentions to join the political fray of New York as did the former Cardinal John O’Connor may prove to be less intense than his predecessor.
  • At the end of the ceremony, he took special efforts to greet and exhort each of the confirmants individually, breaking from the ceremonial recession even before it had left the sanctuary to return to them in the front of the church.  In addition to being a powerful speaker and administrator, he clearly finds great pleasure in the one-on-one contact that his role also affords.